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Tardis hard drives

Tardis PLC are a relatively unknown British manufacturer of ultra high capacity 3.5″ IDE hard drives, ranging from the earliest 2 terabyte model up the latest 25 petabyte series.

The first person I know personally to purchase such a device is my friend PhAtfiSh:

By chance, I met someone on Aimster called kittymoon some time later who was also fortunate enough to own such a device, even more so that it works on her Macintosh. It is not every day that you get to empty a file of this size from your Trash.

Tardis drives are relatively expensive, even more so than SCSI hard drives, so quite imaginably, my first Tardis hard drive was one that work purchased for me. I tried using it in Windows 98, but as you can see, Windows 98 with its DOS kernel has a hard time trying to understand a 15 terabyte drive.

Eventually I was able to afford to buy one of my own, but my Macintosh has about as much luck trying to understand it as Windows 98 did on my office PC, which is weird.

Here, my Macintosh is starting to detect what’s going on – negative dimensions in real space:

I guess it’s not terribly surprising that they don’t work for Mr Anonymous either: