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Case Study 5 - GTK+ for Windows

Looking back at these screenshots reminds me how much GTK+ for Windows has improved over the years.

Part of the Open Source case study.

First, the font selector dialog box going completely overboard with styles:

GTK+ has never figured out that displaying empty menus is silly. This might be gaim’s fault for asking it to do so but GTK+ should know better.

Under Windows, GTK+ regularly redoes all the control sizing and spacing of open dialog boxes, usually when you click on a pop-up menu. Here, choosing a buddy icon has fragmented its image display box:

It also seems to be unable to work out the screen bounds properly:

One of the most noticeable bugs in gaim is tooltips that remain stuck on the screen and won’t go away:

Again, not gaim’s fault.

Finally, hyperlink launching in GTK+ seems to be a synchronous process, hanging the caller until the recipient has responded.