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Browser Plugin Installer Hack 2

AKA Unopera; for Mac OS 9.2.2 and earlier

The purpose of the installer hack is to permit users of solely “unsupported” Macintosh Web browsers such as iCab to install plugins for said browsers without the need to also install a supported browser that the plugin installer recognises. The difference between Unopera and the earlier Unexplorer hack is that plugins installed for Opera are placed into the Mac OS global Internet Plug-Ins folder, which are then immediately available to all browsers which support that folder, such as iCab. If your browser supports this folder, using Unopera means that you do not have to relocate the plugin after installing it (for the purists).

For more information about the hack, see the main Browser Plugin Installer Hack page (Unexplorer); a complete read me is supplied with the download.


Download the installer hack (StuffIt, 3 kB)