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Psion MacConnect

MacConnect by Atelier Software was the official Macintosh connectivity package for Psion’s range of EPOC palmtops. It shipped as a diskette containing the MacConnect software and a serial cable adapter. MacConnect was discontinued from sale in mid February 2002. Obtaining the software can prove difficult, so I have made it available here for download. It is also available on Martin Guthrie’s Pscience5 site (under Lost & Found) along with a large collection of Psion software.

You will also need a suitable serial adapter to connect your Psion palmtop to your Macintosh. You may be able to find someone who still sells these (Serial Leads in Britain have now retired), or you will need to wire one up. Martin van Boxtel’s Psion S5 / Macintosh connection page is a good place to look for information on connecting Psions to Macintoshes, and he has posted a wiring diagram for building your own adapter cable.

The software

Martin Guthrie offers MacConnect 1.1.2 (English) for download, for versions of Mac OS prior to 8.5 (as well as all later versions). Users of Mac OS 8.5 need MacConnect 1.1.4 (below). On Mac OS 9, after installation, you must update MacConnect to version 1.2, using the update below. For non-English update versions, see the MyPsion site (no need to log in).