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Fetch Silly Cursors

Fetch Silly Cursors is a patch to update Fetch 3.0.3 with new activity cursors. The doggy cursors, for which Fetch is infamous, have a notable flaw in that the pointer hot-spot is obscured. This is especially problematic considering that the activity type (upload or download) is also indicated by the direction that the dog is facing, leading to non-obvious hot spots. This causes confusion when you attempt to click on anything while a transfer is in progress.

The new cursors are based on the modern pointer-and-a-half style, using an arrow to indicate that the program is still responding to the UI, and animated up and down vertical arrows to show the transfer activity and direction.

This patch can be applied to either the unregistered or registered version, and your registration state should not be affected. After applying the patch, the old version of Fetch is renamed Fetch with doggy cursors.