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Fujitsu reed keyboard switches


Fujitsu produced numerous series of keyboard reed switch. The known reed switch series are FES-1/2/3, FES-4, FES-5, FES-8 and FES-9. Although the series names appear to have been mostly assigned in ascending numeric order, the DIN-compliant FES-4 was most likely the final type to be introduced.



FES-1 and FES-2 is the oldest-known Fujitsu reed design, and the lowest numerically. FES-2 is the illuminated version. These switches appear to be linear only, and are extremely rare. FES-3 is related to FES-1 and FES-2, but no details about it have been discovered.


FES-5 is a magnetic separation click-tactile reed switch apparently introduced in 1972. It was specifically designed for terminals with a focus on providing good operator feedback.


FES-8 Series is described by Kiyoto as a “modernization of the specifications of FES-1/2/5 by reorganizing them”. This series offered both reed and Hall effect sensing.


FES-9 is a reduced-height version of FES-8, being around 25% shorter. The product features and characteristics otherwise remain the same as FES-8.


FES-4 is a low-profile reed switch, possibly introduced to meet German ergonomic standardisation.