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Fujitsu FDR reed switches

FDR appears to be a series of reed switches—specifically reed capsules rather than self-contained pushbutton switches—from Fujitsu. In addition to selling the switches as separate components, FDR-7 was stated in the Fujitsu journal to be the reed switch used in FES-1 and FES-2 keyboard switches. Details of FDR-7 are given in the journal, but pages from the journal may not be shared online. However, some details of the FDR switches were advertised in Electronic Design magazine in 1976. FDR-8, known as “Memoreed”, is a magnetically latching type.

FDR reed switches would have been used in Fujitsu’s other reed keyboard switch series (FES-5, FES-8, FES-9 and FES-4) but the journal articles for these series does not name the reed types used.


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