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Cherry Next Generation Keyboard


The “next generation keyboard” was Cherry Electrical Products’ full-travel sealed contact membrane keyboard design, introduced in 1984, and designed and patented by Walter Cherry. A cross section of the US type can be seen in Cherry’s June 1984 advertisement in Computer Design magazine. It is (by modern standards) a more conventional arrangement. Two choices were offered: a conical spring type for linear feel, and a rubber dome type for tactile feel. Neither type is known to have been observed. The advertisement describes it as “new”, suggesting an introduction around 1984, as Cherry MX is also listed and is not marked as a new product.

No catalogue examples are known, nor is the series name. The name “Next Generation Keyboard” was used in the March advertisement, and “next generation keyboard” in the June advertisments.

Both types also appeared at the very end of Cherry’s switches advertisement in Electronic Engineers Master Catalog 1985–86.

Two keycap types were offered: KB IV top-mounted removable sculptured keycaps, and KB II low-profile rectangular keycaps.


All the Computer Design material was scanned by Bitsavers.