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Clare-Pendar Series S950



Clare-Pendar Series S950 is series of mechanical keyboard switches that are almost identical to Alps KCC series. Judging by the mould markings, either these switches were subcontracted to Alps, or Alps supplied the tooling or the plans for the tooling. The only significant difference between KCC and S950 is that the latter accepts Clare-Pendar keycaps. Other differences include angled keystems (never seen on a standard Alps switch) and a change of branding to “GI”. Although previously reported as “General Instrument Series S950” due to the “GI” branding on the base, the 1986 catalogue in which these are advertised was still under the Clare-Pendar name, with the General Instruments logo also present.


The 1986 catalogue page was kindly scanned in by Electro-Mech Components, who took over part of the Pendar range. The front and back covers of the catalogue can be found under S820.

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