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Alps SKFR/SKFS Series



Alps SKFR/SKFS Series are miniature, low-profile keyboard switches, suited to portable computers.

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SKFR Series contains the linear models, with and without LEDs. Two approaches to LEDs were taken: SKFRAD has a short front-to-back depth and leaves room for an external LED, while SKFRFA to SKFRAC support an internal LED. A switch matching the description of any of the SKFRFA–C types has yet to be seen in the wild.


SKFS Series contains the tactile models, of which only one is known, SKFSAA. The 1994 Alps catalogue describes the switch as having a ‘Sharp “click” feel with a positive feedback.’ The word “click” is used somewhat confusingly by Alps; here, the design is tactile, although it can be heard to emit a faint click.

Unlike the tactile types in KCL/KCM, where the tactile leaf is held in place, it is free to be pulled forwards in SKFS just like a normal click leaf design. SKFS avoids the click sound by having an empty space behind the leaf spring so that there is nothing for it to hit. Only the two sides are secured in place, with the middle section able to move freely. The end result is improved tactility without a click sound, giving a soft feel with distinct tactility. If Alps were to place a wall behind the tactile leaf, the result should be a click switch.

Take care during disassembly, as they are fiddly to reassemble and easy to damage.



The following specifications are per the 1993 Alps catalogue:

Operating force 60 gf (linear)
70 gf (tactile)
Load 12 V DC at 10 mA
Rated load 5 V DC at 5 mA resistive (for rated lifetime)
Contact resistance 1 Ω max. initial
5 Ω max. end of life
Travel 3.5 mm
Pretravel 0.5–2.5 mm (linear)
1.5–2.5 mm (tactile)
Rated life See models table
Bounce time 10 ms max.
Height 10.3 mm


The product range comprised the following types in 1993 according to the 1993 Alps catalogue:

Part Series Colour Type Rated life Description
SKFRAC SKFR Black Linear 10 million
SKFRAD SKFR Yellow Linear 3 million Short depth
SKFRFA SKFR Black Linear 10 million Red LED
SKFRFB SKFR Black Linear Green LED
SKFRFC SKFR Black Linear Amber LED
SKFSAA SKFS White Tactile 10 million

Switch models are in turn divided into specific parts with a suffix added to the model number. A small number of these are known:

Part Batch date Customer Characteristics Reference
SKFRAC0001 Tyro teQ
SKFRAC000A 1999-07-16 See below
SKFSAA000A 2004-03-10 See below

The following packaging photographs were provided by a seller on Taobao by way of UncleFan:

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SKFRAC000A package
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SKFSAA000A package


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