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Mac OS X icons

Up until this point, all my icons had been 32×32 images drawn pixel by pixel with the mouse. With the advent of Mac OS X, 128×128 icons became popular and the method for drawing them changed. Here, one is able to draw some rather fancy pieces of graphic design. In my case, I used Photoshop 5 and Icon Machine 3 to produce icons for OS X. Some examples are shown below; not all of my Macintosh application icons are included.

lili_Pad application icon

lili_Pad is a styled text, paged notepad program that I wrote, based on Above & Beyond Notebook for Windows 3.11. Despite the existence of a 128×128 icon, the program is for Mac OS 8 and 9 and does not use this icon.

ShadowIRC application icon

ShadowIRC is one of the four major Mac classic IRC clients. It’s being updated to be Mac OS X native, and I took on the task of creating it a full-size 128×128 icon. A pretty good job, but I didn’t realise that a large icon already existed in the About box that I could have just trimmed up!

Connect-4 OMA application icon

Connect-4 OMA is my cross-platform (Mac OS Classic/Mac OS X/Win32) online Connect-4 game. Never left development, but is functional in its present form.

AthenaIRC Soundset Editor

AIRCSSE is used to create and modify AthenaIRC soundsets. Soundsets contain all the different sounds played by Athena when different events occur on IRC, such as a user joining or leaving a channel. The hand was (pun not unintended) hand drawn, with the mouse.

Connect-4 OMA scoreboard file

This file is where a player’s scoreboard against other players is kept, one for each user (the game supports multiple users on one machine). This is based on the standard Mac OS X document icon.

AthenaIRC soundset icon

AthenaIRC has no soundset icon, but soundsets created or modified with AIRCSSE get their file type set such that they take on this icon. This is based on the standard Mac OS X document icon.

Horizon (X) application icon

An unreleased icon, this is a rework of the Horizon BBC Microcomputer emulator icon for Mac OS X. It was intended for the OS X port of Horizon by Richard Bannister.

BeebEm application icon

A new icon for the Jon Welch’s Macintosh port of BeebEm. The icon is a composite of two photographs as I do not have a monitor stand for my CuB.