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Miscellaneous programs

Over time, I have written quite a number of useful yet unreleased programs. Reasons for not releasing them range from perceived insignificance through to too many unfixed bugs in the code and simple laziness. I have decided to dedicate a page on my site to these programs, in that others might also find them useful. They are provided as-is, with no guarantee of either documentation or correct functionality. Source code is provided where possible, and the programs are presently compiled for PowerPC. Required Mac OS version depends on each program individually but all of them are for Mac OS 9 and earlier. The programs may or may not still be in development, but updates will not be announced.

For further information, please contact me.

Program Description View Download
Clipboard Synch 1.0 Copies text data between computers over a network connection screenshot Download for Mac PPC Download for Mac OS X Download for Windows source
Converter 1.0b3 Denary/hex/binary/octal/char converter screenshot Download for Mac PPC Download for Windows source
Filename Reorderer 1.0.1 Renames files with invisible chars to put them at the top of folder lists screenshot program source
HierList 1.0b3 Displays an indented listing of the contents of a folder and its subfolders screenshot program source
lili_Pad 1.1d21 Multi-page styled text notepad program; can open Apple Notepad files screenshot program source
Measurer 2.0b2 Counts the data and resource fork sizes of files and folders dropped onto its window screenshot program source
PPP Door Stop 1.0b3 Tickles a PPP connection with HTTP access to keep it alive screenshot program source