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Connect-4 on Mac OS 9.1
Connect-4 on Mac OS X
Connect-4 on Windows 2000

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Version history:
25th November 2003: 1.0d12
3rd March 2002: 1.0d10
12th January 2002: 1.0d9
2nd January 2002: 1.0d8

Mac OS classic PPC (StuffIt, 650 kB)
Mac OS Carbon (Disk image, 937 kB)
Windows (Zip, 557 kB)

Made with REALbasic

Connect-4 OMA 1.0d12 freeware

The classic game of Connect-4, adapted for Internet play. A recent attempt to play the game again with Sarah (for whom it was originally written) failed to work between two Windows XP PCs: within seconds of the game starting, it drops with an invalid game state error (some sort of protocol problem). Maybe you can’t connect two Windows PCs together: in the past I always ran it from my Macintosh. The world moves on and this now inscrutable piece of junk should just be left behind.

Due to loss of the source code (and with it, the unreleased 1.0d13), Connect-4 development has ceased for good.