Connect-4 OMA version 1.0d12
by Daniel Beardsmore, for lili, PhAtfiSh, Vasudan66, macfemme, exu, mud, Pix, FlightSR

25th November 2002
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New features in 1.0d12

Other changes in 1.0d11

Known bugs remaining

Features and changes proposed


Credits for Testing
Twist, Air_Man (FlightSR), PhAtfiSh, version_lili, Telcontar (Morden), Vasudan66, Odiate, and Xavier WER.

Sound Sources
The sound in the game are not mine, nor could I be bothered to trawl the web for hours trying to track down anything good, when I already had lots of sounds on my hard disc that are what I want in the first place. Only trouble is, I… extracted… them from all my games ages ago, using SoundApp ;) Therefore, I present here a list of all the sources of the sounds. If anyone has objections to me using these sounds, I am willing to swap them with new ones, but make sure you find me some replacements ;)