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AIRCSSE on Mac OS 9.1

Version history:
23rd September 2002: 1.0b2
3rd February 2002: 1.0b1

Mac OS classic PPC (StuffIt, 532 kB)
Mac OS Carbon (Disk image, 727 kB)

Made with REALbasic

AthenaIRC Soundset Editor 1.0b2 freeware

AthenaIRC Soundset Editor is a utility designed to be able to create and edit soundset files for AthenaIRC, a Mac OS IRC client made by ChiperSoft Systems. It only supports sounds in the System Sound format. Both AthenaIRC and Soundset Editor are no longer in development.


  • The soundset file for AthenaIRC is called “Soundset” and resides in the AthenaIRC folder. New soundsets created must also have the same name and location – AthenaIRC cannot select other soundset files.
  • The creator code of the soundset file shipped with AthenaIRC does not match that of Soundset Editor, so the first time you edit it, you cannot double-click on its icon to launch it within SSE. After saving the soundset, its creator code is set to match Soundset Editor.

I no longer possess the source code to this application.