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SMK series and part numbers

SMK series names and numbers, and part numbers, follow a number of different patterns, both old and new. Non-keyboard types are also listed here, for illustrative purposes.

See keyboard codes for additional examples.

Alpha codes

The following is a suggestion of the code format for the alpha codes:

Moulded keyboard assemblies
Discrete switch (plate mount) keyboard assemblies (membrane and mechanical)
Metal dome keyboard assemblies?
Switch modules
Uncertain (keyboard assemblies)

Keyboard series

The specification documents were obtained from the Wayback Machine, on the Keyboards page from 2002 onwards.

Note that where laptop keyboard series SL Series and SS Series are referred to by their two-letter codes, SN and ST are referred to as types and have separate series names (KAS19 and KAS20 Series respectively).

Tentative patterns are as follows (guessing, based on the codes found to date):

Membrane keyboards
Keyboards with rubber domes over PCBs
Keyboards with soldered switches

All series found to date:

Series Type Description Spec
KAS08 Custom keyboard assembly Spring over membrane (linear with return springs); moulded assembly; see also KUS09 KAS08 Series
KAS16 Custom keyboard assembly Dust-proof spring over membrane (with buckling rubber sleeves); moulded assembly KAS16 Series
KAS19 Notebook keyboard (SN Type) Scissor switch KAS19 Series
KAS20 Notebook keyboard (ST Type) Scissor switch KAS20 Series
KBS01 Custom keyboard assembly Dual spring over dome over membrane; plate-mounted modules KBS01 Series
KBS03 Custom keyboard assembly Spring over dome over membrane; plate-mounted modules KBS03 Series
KBS17 Custom keyboard assembly Dust-proof dome-spring-dome over membrane; plate-mounted modules KBS17 Series
KFS12 Custom keyboard assembly Metal dome (0.3±0.2 mm travel) KFS12 Series
KUS09 Custom keyboard assembly Spring over membrane (linear with return springs); plate-mounted modules; see also KAS08 KUS09 Series
SL Notebook keyboard Scissor switch
SS Notebook keyboard Scissor switch

Part number groupings

The tables below are based largely on the part numbers from the datasheets above. In the codes below, “n” represents a digit and “x” represents a letter. The portion after the # is the “suffix number”.

Old format

Old format codes take the form x-xnnn#nn. These groupings are not generally referred to by name. Exceptions include J-M0404 series (named as such in the J-M 9031 keyboard datasheet) and JS Series (parts J-S87nn) DIP switch units.

The derivation of these groupings is not known, but examples include:

Subset Known usages
J-Fnnnn#nn Membrane switch modules
J-Mnnnn#nn Mechanical switch modules and complete keyboards
J-Snnnn#nn DIP switches
S-Znnnn#nn Keycaps
Z-Dnnnn#nn Screws


Part Description
J-F037n#nn KBS03 Series switches
J-F043n#nn KBS01 Series switches
J-M0404#nn J-M0404 Series switches
J-M0409#nn Unknown
J-S8747#nn JS Series DIP switch banks
J-S8766#nn JS Series DIP switch banks
S-Z0512-nn#01 KBS keycaps
S-Z0513-nn#01 KBS, KUS relegendable clear covers
Z-D1000-955 Tapping screws

New format (components and assemblies)

The new format codes for components, that is also seen on keyboard PCBs, is xxxnnnn-nnnn(x).

Leading letters Known usages
KAGnnnn-nnnn PCBs of moulded-assembly keyboards (KA* types)
KBGnnnn-nnnn PCBs of plate-mount keyboards (KBG* types)
KBMnnnn-nnnn PCBs of plate-mount keyboards (KBM* types)
KKMnnnn-nnnn Mechanical keyboard switches
KKSnnnn-nnnn Membrane switch modules
JFPnnnn-nnnn Miniature directional switch (JFP Series)
JKSnnnn-nnnn DIP switch bank (JKS Series)
JPGnnnn-nnnn Elastomer contact pushbuttons
JPMnnnn-nnnn MT Switch (miniature pushbutton)
“Rubber key switch, metal contact type”
JPSnnnn-nnnn Detector switch (DSD Series)
Detector switch (DSG Series)
JXSnnnn-nnnn Multi-way switch (JXS Ⅲ Series)
LGPnnnn-nnnn DC power jack
LLPnnnn-nnnn DC power plug harness

New format (assembly components)

For components, the new format is nnnxxx-nnn-nn. These codes are also seen on PCBs. The leading digits denote the following:

Leading digits Known usages
102xxx-nnn-nn Keyboard cases (per SMK-made Apple Keyboard II)
221xxx-nnn-nn Relegendable covers
302xxx-nnn-nn Keycaps
305xxx-nnn-nn KFS sliders
321xxx-nnn-nn Stabiliser wires
341xxx-nnn-nn Metal domes
401xxx-nnn-nn Printed circuit boards (although note that PCBs also have the previous type of code at the same time)
422xxx-nnn-nn Buckling rubber sleeves
541xxx-nnn-nn Stabiliser hooks; other securing units
601xxx-nnn-nn Coil springs

The central letters denote the following:

Subset Known usages
nnnKAS-nnn-nn KAS, KBS, KUS keyboard parts
nnnKBM-nnn-nn Mechanical keyboard parts
nnnKBS-nnn-nn KAS, KBS keyboard parts
nnnKFS-nnn-nn KFS keyboard parts
nnnKKS-nnn-nn KBS keyboard parts

Switch parts

Note that there are at least five types (both active and dummy) within J-M0404 series (differing only by the post-# code), while the KBS01 Series switches have four different pre-# codes. Thus, it is not clear what J-M0409#01 represents and whether or not it relates to J-M0404.

Part Description
J-F0370#01 KBS03 Series module
J-F0430#01 KBS01 Series 1-unit module
J-F0432#01 KBS01 Series 2-unit active module
J-F0431#01 KBS01 Series 2×2-unit active module
J-F0434#01 KBS01 Series dummy module
J-M0404#01 J-M0404 series switch
J-M0404#04 J-M0404 series switch
J-M0404#05 J-M0404 series switch
J-M0404#08 J-M0404 series switch with sealed terminals
J-M0404#10 J-M0404 series dummy switch
J-M0409#01 Unknown
KKM0611-0001 Second generation, blue, inverse cross, with LED
KKS1701-0001 KBS17 Series 1-unit switch
KKS1701-0002 KBS17 Series 2-unit switch
KKS1701-0003 KBS17 Series 2×2-unit switch