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Fujitsu (富士通, in full 富士通株式会社: Fujitsu Limited) is a Japanese manufacturer whose product range includes computer keyboards, industrial keypads and mechanical keyboard switches. Keyboards and keypads are still standard production items, while the FES-360 mechanical switches are now only sold to existing customers, as are some of their keyboard and keypad types.

“Fujitsu” is short for “Fuji Tsushinki” (Fujitsu Limited was originally Fuji Tsushinki Manufacturing Corporation, an offshoot of Fuji Electric), while “Fuji” itself is short for Furukawa–Siemens, where the “ji” is derived from “Siemens”. That makes Fujitsu Siemens effectively Fujitsu–Siemens Siemens!



It seems they also made Hall effect switches, but these have yet to be observed.