Windows Crash Gallery page 7 by David Joffe

'5 percent of Windows machines crash, on average, twice daily'

- Bill Gates

User contributions from Erik

Reproduced with permission.

NOTE: The comments on this page belong to Erik, not to me.

These images are all funny but genuine error messages I've gotten from Windows or Windows applications.


Access and ODBC get really confused.


And now Access is completely clueless as to what happened.


Look at the buttons. Yes, the right button brought up a help file.


Look at the title bar. Does this look like a top-level directory?


This one's from Windows NT, and is without a doubt the funniest dialog box I've ever seen from any program. The mind boggles as to how such an error could be generated, and what to do now.


So do I stop the operation or stop the operation?


I swear that Visual Basic delivered me this exact error message box while working on an Excel macro. It was not a debugging Msgbox() output; VB did this all by itself.