Windows Crash Gallery page 11 by David Joffe

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2006-08-02 [Windows XP] 'I resumed XP from standby, and got the first image.  I surfed the W3, and stood by.  Fifteen minutes before writing this, when I resumed from standby, I got the second image  Furthermore, just before the Explorer jolt, I had task manager open, and there were two of just about every task running. '- Solomon

2006-07-18 [Visual Studio] "Here's a weird bug. I get this when opening any workspace. I can't see why it can't open it. My theorie is the . and - in the folder name. It doesn't do that in C:\Quake2\src\game.dsw though."- Paril

2006-07-13 [Microsoft Visual Studio] I just pressed Ctrl+Z (undo) ... - David

2006-07-12 [Windows XP] Hidden behind taskbar - David

2006-07-07 [Windows XP Professional] "I found this when I was moving stuff on my desktop. It seems that Windows XP doesn't know what the name of my file is!"- Paril

2006-07-07 [Windows XP Professional] "I found this one too, on your site, so I tried it out on my Windows XP Professional. It still worked. It shows a blank list, and an address bar "full of crap" ;)"- Paril

2006-06-13 [Windows XP] "Recovering" from a spontaneous reboot - David

2006-05-11 [Windows XP] No wonder my dialup wasn't working ... - David

2006-04-12 [Windows XP] "I got this bug today, sort of like your months to copy a file ... I got this when trying to find out how much space I was taking up on my 256MB card when Windows told me I have over 5gB... I was like Oh my! then I thought wait... Damned Windows! btw, this IS a widows PC not mac, I just hate the WinXP look so I themed it! (yes, yes, why dont I get a mac? lol, I do... why am I still typing?)"- Chris

2006-03-10 [Windows XP Pro SP II] "When you select some item with mouse right button, and want to select for example "properties", the menu becomes hidden behind the task bar.. So, where is the "properties" item now????"- Senilo from Brazil

2006-02-17 [Windows XP] "What we have here is a friend's HDD plugged in for the first time in a Windows XP system, and, for some reason, when I try to select all the files & folders on it and view their properties, a quite weird size value appears... 256TB! Wow, I would sure like to own one of those HDDs. :) (Note: the actual HDD's capacity is 200GB)"- bureX

2006-01-31 [Windows XP] I hit ctrl+alt+del one day and task manager kept opening and opening. Managed to capture it before I had to restart. Also take note that windows security center doesn't recognize Mcaffe as a security center.- Nick

2005-11-29 [Windows 2000, earlier WinXP versions] "Just open a Windows Explorer window (like MyPC or typing [win]+E), press [F4] to drop down the list of drives and system folders and without clicking anything just press [F5] to refrest the list ... what happens? The background gets refreshed, but the drop down list is empty and the address bar is full of crap :)"- Raskolnikov

2005-09-01 [Windows XP] "basically i turned on my computer, checked email and went to your site and discovered today, just like many other days, windows decided not to display the 'safely remove hardware' icon in the system tray. it often does this to me even without any prior crashes while i'm working."

"i have attached a screenshot to show what i mean, and as you can see, i have a lacie external hard drive that is plug and play (so should be safely removed from the system tray icon) and also 4 digital camera memory card drives (its a 4 in 1 device) that is also a plug and play device. despite these devices being connected to my system and fully accessible, the icon doesn't want to appear."
- Damian

2005-09-01 "This is an actual error message I got once. I assure you that it has not been doctored in any way."- Bo

2005-09-01 [Windows 2000 Professional] "Here's another glitch, using Win 2k Pro SP4.  I've noticed it for a long time (since at least SP 2).  Occasionally when you go to select multiple items on your desktop using the drag-n-drop method (click in an open space and drag over the selection you want) the "outline" that shows your selection freezes on the screen.  Symptoms can be fixed by F5 or by maximizing a window and then reducing it again.  Oh, yeah, and this is with active desktop turned on so that you can use .jpg backgrounds.  I haven't tested standard blue-screen backgrounds.  I duplicated multiple for you by dragging the highlight box down to my (hidden) start bar.  When the start bar activates itself, the computer "forgets about the fact you were doing a selection, however, I have this occur even when not bumping the start bar"- Donald

2005-05-04 [Windows XP] "I encountered this error when just trying to open Internet Explorer as usual.. I don't know if its anything to do with having Firefox installed.... Very annoying...there were about 60 boxes in total.."- Simon