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Assorted odd pictures

With the almost faithful aid of the GhettoCam™ (and my new camera; I cheat) I have collected a small number of amusing and odd photographs (which was the reason for purchasing the device in the first place).

An item of graffiti just round the corner from my workplace in (wait for it) Welham Green. Seems an odd thing to write; maybe the perpetrators have difficulty remembering where they are each day and executed this as a reminder?

(Addendum: I no longer work in Welham Green, but the “boiz dat done dat” just sent me a nice e-mail telling me I’ll get “smaked up” if they ever see me “agen”. How kind of them.)

I have seen many funny (and unbelievable) number plates in my time but when I see this 2003 registration number, I just think, WTF?

Much to my disappointment, pressing this button to stop the bus did not do anything impressive. I think it would make a nice star of a public bus notice :)

View full-size image This one goes back to my job at the University of Hertfordshire’s Corporate eBusiness Development department, where I was able to borrow their Nikon Coolpix camera. This was the first digital camera I ever used. And university humour is the best.

I also think that using the flash would have been a good idea here :)

As we all know, free range children are the healthiest and taste the best. Naturally.

One of my colleagues decides that enough is enough.

I don’t think modelling in a grass skirt made of self-adhesive backing strips helped his cause any.

This sign, seen on a London Underground train, explains what to do if you see anyone vandalising the train: contact the British Transport Police. I am not sure what they are planning to do with that helicopter though.

The bloke on the right is my prime suspect.

“I am a nob head Byes”:
Most graffiti artists tend to proclaim other people as being something offensive; here, though, some recalcitrant individual has decided to inform the residents of my road that he is a nob head. It shows.

An amusing and innovative way to discourage smoking.

On the right you can see the sign in its natural habitat, the Lotus Fish Bar fish and chip shop in Welham Green, Hertfordshire.

My, my, the old dear putting anti-freeze in the tank again? I could understand this one if it said “Diesel only”, but “Petrol only”? What else is anyone going to try using?