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For my Art A-Level personal study, I chose the dubious subject of “what makes any specific photograph art?” As part of this process, I attempted to tackle the issue of whether photographs can be considered art at all. I didn’t really reach any conclusion on this (as one would expect), but for the sake of the site structure, let’s assume the answer to that question is “yes”.


My dream is to own a NASA-grade miniature digital camera with a nano–nuclear fusion power source (so you can get a bright flash from of it). In the mean time, to equip myself with a palm-sized camera, I spent £5 on a really cheap 0.1 megapixel 20-image camera that I’ve affectionately dubbed the GhettoCam. Were it engineered better, it would have been fantastic – mobile phones show that compact digital cameras are a viable technology.

Optio S5z

I later replaced the GhettoCam with a Pentax Optio S5z – as an ultra-compact camera, it’s a reasonable compromise between high-quality imaging devices and miniaturisation, and has given me a lot greater freedom through having a flash, macro and super macro focus modes and capacity for more than 20 tiny images. It uses a Flash memory card, so your images don’t all inexplicably and unexpectedly take a hike when the battery connection briefly goes open circuit. Nor does it crash and require a power cycle when the battery runs out of juice, once again losing all images.