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Wide-angle views

Producing wide-angle and panoramic shots is a difficult task and preferably requires specialist equipment. The advantage of using a camera with especially poor image quality is that image stitching is made a whole lot easier: after all, any mistakes you make will still look better than the original image.

It was never my intention to take wide-angle photographs, but I’ve always been aware of the extremely narrow angle of view of any camera, compared to the almost 180° vision of human eyesight. (True, focused vision for humans is extremely narrow, but we still pick up a lot of detail from our peripheral vision regardless.) Thus, I tended to take a series of images covering more of the scene than one shot could provide. The next logical step was to stitch them all together in Photoshop.

All the shots below are of the village where I live. I think they’ve all turned out very well, considering.

Two frames, 11:8

Two frames, 39:20

Two frames, 39:20

Two frames, 51:28

Two frames, 8:5

Five frames, 7:3

Three frames, 11:5