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Assorted odd pictures page 2

The one where the BT engineer drilled through our existing telephone cable and a downstairs power cable while fitting two new dual IDSN lines to my workplace.

View full-size image I am looking forwards to finally getting to see a train stand clear.

Woodlouse religious ritual A revealing discovery of the religious rites of woodlice.

Sinking cruise liner Meagan Stevens (of woodlouse fame) sent me a photo of herself and a friend in Pretoria. What really caught my eye, though, was the sinking cruise liner in the background. I didn’t know Pretoria was coastal.

Emo Oil Ltd Emo Oil – guaranteed to make your car hate you.

Floating eyeball From an advert in a shop window; I think I would be disturbed if one of my eyeballs had climbed out of its orbit and was staring me back in the face.