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Switch collection Cherry


Type Manufacturer
Country DE
Official URL https://www.cherry.de/
Deskthority wiki Cherry


Series Image Switch Part number Quantity Keyboard type
M1 Pending Cherry M1 Black 6
M4/M5/M6 Pending Cherry M51-0182 (10°; style A) 1
Cherry M51-0182 (10°; style B) 4
Cherry M61-0100 (style A) M61-0100 3
Cherry M61-0100 (style B′) 3
Cherry M61-0120 (style B) M61-0120 1
RS-branded Cherry M61-0120 3
M7 Pending Cherry M51-0131 M51-0131 5
Cherry M7 Style AB 1
Cherry M7 Style D black 11
Cherry M73 T 10° 1
Cherry M73-0120 M73-0120 2
Cherry M73-0800 M73-0800 16
Cherry M76-0899 M76-0899 20
M8 Pending Cherry M8 Covered DPST Clear 3
Cherry M8 Covered Two-Stage Black 3
Cherry M81A-0100 M81A-0100 11
Cherry M81A-1300 M81A-1300 2
Cherry M81E-0500 M81E-0500 5
Cherry M81E-0600 M81E-0600 2
Cherry M81E-1500 M81E-1500 2
Cherry M81G-0100 M81G-0100 3
Cherry M82E-05R0 M82E-05R0 1
Cherry M82E-1500 M82E-1500 1
Cherry M84A-0100 M84A-0100 4
Cherry M84A-4100 M84A-4100 2
Cherry M84C-4100 M84C-4100 2
Cherry M84E-0500 M84E-0500 10
Cherry M84F-1500 M84F-1500 7
Hirose Cherry M8 tactile clear 4
Hirose Cherry M8 tactile yellow 1
Hirose Cherry M83S black 1
M9 Pending Cherry M9 CM black 20
Cherry M9 TA tall angled black, LED 1
Cherry M91A-11NN M91A-11NN 20
Cherry M93A TA extra heavy 1
Cherry M93A TA tall angled black 22
Cherry M94A TA tall angled white 6
Cherry M94A-18NI M94A-18NI 2
Cherry M94A-1GBR M94A-1GBR 31
MD Pending Hirose Cherry MD angled grey 1
Hirose Cherry MD angled yellow 1
ML Cherry ML1A-11JW ML1A-11JW 45
Cherry ML1B-11JW ML1B-11JW 4
MX Cherry M8-MX Adapter (black) 2
Cherry M8-MX Adapter (white) 2
Cherry MX Back Logo Blue 2
Cherry MX Black MX1A-11NN 1
Cherry MX Black (factory LED) MX1A-11GW 1
Cherry MX Black (PCB mount) MX1A-11NW 7
Cherry MX Blue MX1A-E1NN 1
Cherry MX Blue (PCB mount) MX1A-E1JW 5
Cherry MX Brown MX1A-G1NN 1
Cherry MX Clear MX1A-C1NN 6
Cherry MX Clear (PCB mount) 0
Cherry MX Click Clear (unknown type) 7
Cherry MX Click Clear (unknown type; PCB; diode) 1
Cherry MX Dark Blue 4
Cherry MX Green MX1A-F1NN 1
Cherry MX Green (PCB mount) MX1A-F1NW 1
Cherry MX Linear Clear 3
Cherry MX Linear Grey MX1A-21NN 2
Cherry MX Lock (black-grey-black) MX1A-31NW 1
Cherry MX Lock (black-grey-black) (plate mount) MX1A-31NN 1
Cherry MX Lock (white-black-black) 0
Cherry MX Olympia Linear Clear 5
Cherry MX Pale Blue (PCB; diode) 3
Cherry MX Red MX1A-L1NN 1
Cherry MX RGB Black MX1A-11NA 2
Cherry MX RGB Blue MX1A-E1NA 2
Cherry MX RGB Brown MX1A-G1NA 2
Cherry MX RGB Nature White MX1A-41NA 4
Cherry MX RGB Red MX1A-L1NA 7
Cherry MX Silent Black MX3A-11NN 4
Cherry MX Silent Red MX3A-L1NN 4
Cherry MX Silent RGB Black MX3A-11NA 13
Cherry MX Silent RGB Red MX3A-L1NA 28
Cherry MX Speed RGB Silver MX1A-51NA 9
Cherry MX Speed Silver MX1A-51NN 10
Cherry MX Tactile Grey MX1A-D1NN 2
Cherry MX White MX1A-A1NN 1
Cherry MX White (PCB mount) MX1A-A1DW 10
Hirose Cherry MX1A-0NNN MX1A-0NNN 5
MX Low Profile Pending Cherry LP Red MX1B-L2NA 17
MY Pending Cherry M93A-41NW M93A-41NW 2
Cherry MY Type 1 2
Cherry MY Type 2 7
Cherry MY Type 3 4


Consignment Image Switch Quantity Line
Consignment the 167th None Cherry LP Red 19