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MEI T-5 series

Sadly, I have never laid my hands on a complete catalogue of MEI T-5 series. The series is divided up into sub-series based on design; the following sub-series names have been found to date:

Sub-series Description
T-5C Standard tall stem non-illuminated
T-5D Unconfirmed; derived from MEI MPN “T5DM00W” for for NSN 5930-01-413-3432
T-5H Unknown (absent from catalogue excerpt)
T-5S Unknown (absent from catalogue excerpt)
T-5K ⅝ʺ-spacing illuminated (inside-fit keycap lens)
T-5J Rubber-sealed version of T-5K (¾ʺ spacing)
T-5L ¾ʺ-spacing illuminated (outside-fit keycap lens)
T-5Y 2-unit version of T-5L, with strut-stabilised box lens keycap

NSN 5930-01-413-3432 is classified as “Switch, Push”, but “T5DM00W” is not a recognised part number. Online part records constantly mix up 0 (zero) and O; here, it appears to be part T-5D-M-OO-W, for T-5D, momentary, DPST-NO (“OO”), and a final unrecognised variant letter. The only known variant code is “HS” for heavier spring.

My own illuminated type does not match any of these drawings sufficiently, and appears to be another variant still. (It appears to be a modification of T-5L.)