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Classic Macintosh icons

Unlike Windows 3.11 icons, which are pretty much limited to Program Manager entries, the Macintosh has allowed file type icons, and custom icons for files, applications and even folders and volumes. Simply copy an icon from one file or folder and paste it onto another. Apple then introduced 32-bit icons, providing an alpha channel to allow transparency and anti-aliasing.

The 8-bit icons were drawn with ResEdit, and the 32-bit icons were drawn with Icon Machine 2 and III and Adobe Photoshop.

Disc icons

Mac OS allows folders and by extension volumes, including removable media, to have custom icons. The temptation to draw custom volume icons is especially strong when the default icons provided by the drivers are unappealing.

Artwork disc

MAC100 Zip disc

PC100 Zip disc

Newer style PC100 disc

5.25″ DFS disc

Amiga disc

The Amiga and DFS disc icons, though, were meant for disc images files used with emulators. The label on the DFS disc in the icon indicates that it was designed to be used with the Horizon BBC emulator via Horizon Converter.

Folder icons

Games folder Dead items folder Music folder Web locations folder
Sounds folder Notes folder Wallpaper folder

Various icons I made for folders, some of them for favourite folders stashed in A-Dock for easy differentiation without tooltips.

Application and extension icons

Audio CD Labeller Goliath WinampMac Alpha HypeD
MP3 encoder WebArchiv Converter UMX ripper

These are not icons of software that I have made but icons I have drawn for other software. The Audio CD Labeller icon is an attractive remake of the original icon for Mac OS 9. Goliath on the other hand had no icon at all if I remember correctly. HypeD was an HTML editor that I started making a long time ago but never went anywhere; this was before I had BBEdit.

The MP3 encoder was some strange shell program that operated the Shockwave MP3 encoder plugin. UMX ripper was a program for extracting music from Unreal .umx files; as well as having no icon, it didn’t work either until I performed surgery on it. Alexander Clauss’s WebArchivConverter converts Internet Explorer Web archives to iCab Web archives, and had no icon. Finally, I upped the WinampMac alpha icon to 32-bit with the aid of Photoshop.

File icons


HypeD file Important note Music file Appearance sound set
Note Read me Note file

A variety of random file icons. The Appearance sound set icon was used on my Telcontar’s theme Appearance soundtrack.

Clipping files

Apple-style important clipping Important clipping Note clipping Read me clipping

To make clipping files more clear as to their purpose, I used to adorn them with icons used to draw attention to them. Some of the above icons are clipping versions of the file icons shown previously.

Miscellaneous icons

3D Apple logo

Download my Macintosh icons (StuffIt, 92 kB)

These icons are all placed in the public domain except where they use copyrighted and trademarked graphics from other companies.