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Version history:
24th June 2004: 2.1
11th May 2004: 2.1b2
9th May 2004: 2.1b1
16th December 2003: 2.0b2
11th December 2003: 2.0b1
18th June 2001: 1.0b1

Change log

Horizon Converter
Preferences dialog

2.1 (classic) (StuffIt, 540 kB)
2.1 (X) (Disk image, 756 kB)
RB 3.5.2 source (StuffIt, 96 kB)

Made with REALbasic

Horizon Converter 2.1 open source

Horizon Converter is a utility to convert BBC software from the Internet to the format used by the Horizon BBC emulator for the Macintosh. It serves the same purpose as the Append and Beeb Disk Splitter programs supplied with Horizon, but offers rapid batch conversion via drag-and-drop to greatly simplify and speed up the process, keeps files of a program or disc image together in a folder and automatically routes converted files to the Horizon software folder from wherever they were downloaded. It also gives converted files handy icons. A must for any user of Horizon who downloads BBC software from the Net.

Horizon Converter is discontinued. There are now far better BBC Micro emulators available for Mac OS X, you would do very well to switch.