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Hand-drawn buddy icons

Buddy icons drawn in Adobe Photoshop:

Buddy icon 2 Bloody sword 96×96 Bloody sword 48×48 Bloody sword: Ejareth Wintel-Wonderland Executioner Rising-Star Setting-sun Barren land.png

The first is titled “Buddy icon 2”, as presumably it followed – in my MSN display picture sequence – the BBC Micro boot screen display picture that inspired ThinkNerd. The Wintel Wonderland image is a tinted copy of the crashing Windows stylus sketch.

The following selection, drawn entirely in Microsoft Paint, including the anti-aliasing, reflected my view on human interaction. All the filenames begin “DB” which I assume to mean “Death by…”, cf. 101 ways for Steve to die. “Death by head shot” is unfinished and never gained any anti-aliasing.

Death by gunshot Death by bomb Death by fatal stabbing Death by decapitation Death by head shot Death by being fed to sharks Death by drowning

Finally, an unrelated icon also drawn entirely in Microsoft Paint: