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Standard Microsystems/SMC


SMC, variously known as Standard Microsystems Corporation or SMC Microsystems Corporation, later SMSC. SMSC was bought by Microchip, while SMC Networks may still exist.

Keyboard encoder ICs

Families KR2376 and KR3600 were either second-sourced from, or cloned from, equivalent chips from General Instrument. KR2376 and KR3600 could both be found in the Data Catalog 1979 through 1982 (see SMC catalogues). By 1985, KR2376 was no longer listed, and KR9600, KR9601 and KR906 had appeared. In the Data Catalog 1986, KR3600 was no longer listed, having been replaced with KR9600.

A Tatung TPC-2000 keyboard has been found with a keyboard encoder marked “SMC 8426C”. In the documentation, the encoder is a National Semiconductor MM57499, for which 8426C may be a compatible part. There seems to be no acknowledgement of the existence of a model 8426C or KR8426.


The following datasheets cover SMC keyboard encoder ICs: