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Honeywell RX Series

RX Series was a series of rubber dome over membrane keyboard from Honeywell. These keyboards were described as having a curved backplane and a single row profile, allowing the keycaps to be moved between rows.

In September, the prices for the keyboards had been $129 for the 84RX and $175 for the 101RX (around $276 and $382 in June 2019). As of that month, the prices were reduced to $119 and $149 (around $254 and $319 in June 2019). Even with the cost reductions inherent in moving to rubber dome over membrane, these keyboards were still expensive.

In 1993, Honeywell’s keyboard division was sold to Key Tronic, which would have included the RX line if it still existed. It appears that it did, as a 1994 WN Series keyboard was seen with an FCC ID combining Key Tronic’s FCC grantee code and Honeywell’s RX FCC ID.


Catalogue listing Model Date code FCC ID Notes Reference
101RX43S-14E-J 8914 GJK35U101RX-2 Honeywell Bull keyboard; integrated keycap mount and rubber dome from another 101RX keyboard depicted Geekhack
101RX43S-48E-J 101RXd 9049 GJK101RX-5 Sold with the user’s guide for an Apple II keyboard eBay
122RX33S-305E Dead eBay listing for an Idea Courier keyboard; “RJ11” connector
122RX43S-162E 9404 GJK122RX-2 FCC grantee GJK indicates Honeywell, and the rear label is standard Honeywell, but date code of 9404 is after the sale to Key Tronic Tistory


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