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Honeywell WN Series

WN Series comprises rubber dome over membrane keyboards introduced by Honeywell. In 1990, the technology was licenced to then newly-formed Thai company Siam United Hi-Tech for four years; during this time, these keyboards were produced under licence under the brand SUH-Honeywell until 1994. Following the termination of the licensing, Siam United Hi-Tech were required to produce their own keyboard technology and products.

A brief review in PC Magazine in 1992 for “101 WN” indicates they use an “inverted rubber dome under each key” which “acts as a cushion to squeeze the membrane and close the switch”. This seems to be an error in the magazine (whose diagrams are truly terrible), as they use the terms “cushion” and “inverted rubber dome” to refer to normal rubber domes. The tactile force is given as 1.9 oz.

In 1993, Honeywell’s keyboard division was sold to Key Tronic. By mid-1994, WN Series keyboards were still being sold under the Honeywell brand. A 101WN63S-15E keyboard manufactured in week 22 of 1994 was found with FCC ID CIG101RX-6, indicating that it was registered with the FCC as Key Tronic. The FCC ID contains “RX”, indicating RX Series.


Catalogue listing Model Branding Date code FCC ID Reference
101WN63S-15E 101WN Honeywell 9422 CIG101RX-6 Socket 3
101WN63S-18E 101WN Dell 9309 GJK101WN-5 eBay

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