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KBK update for Sunday, 30th January

Yesterday brought a surprising discovery: the “intermediate” Cortron ferrite core switches (AKA “ITW magnetic valve intermediate”) apparently really are Cortron SS3, which had been ultimately ruled out as it does not match the magazine description. The identity of SS3 was discovered not through any change of heart by Cortron themselves, or by any discovery of Cortron material, but rather a Celanese advertisement for Celanex 2012 and Celcon plastic resins, both of which were chosen by ITW for the SS3 switch, that is depicted in the advertisement. Curiously, the advertised switch looks to be taller than the finished product, as well as being a slightly different design.

Nonetheless, magazine articles for SS3 clearly disagree, so either the stated dimensions for SS3 are incorrect or deliberately misleading, or Cortron gave Celanese either the wrong product name or the wrong photograph.

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