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KBK update for Thursday, 27th January

JEE on Google Books has offered a few hints about Jelco, the mysterious Japanese keyboard and switch manufacturer whose JKS-91 switches were used in the Microbee computer. The adverts depict JFK-3000 and JKF-6000 keyboards, and JKS-2, JKS-5 and KRS-6 switches. JKS-5 and KRS-6 are momentary and alternate action respectively and appear to be classified together as SKS-5. JFK-6000 uses JKS-2 switches, while the switch type of JFK-3000 is not specified.

Although there is still no mention of JKS-91, for the first time, Jelco is no longer a complete mystery. There may be more to the JFK-3000/6000 advertisement; Google Books does permit access to the remainder of it.

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