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KBK update for Wednesday, 26th January

The Alps mystery deepens once again. An advertisement from 1981 for KCC that includes an exploded illustration of the KCC switch—that is added to the KCC page—names three switch series heretofore not encountered: KGF, KGL and KCF. Although the K-series names were not restricted to keyboard types, this advertisement appears to concern itself solely with keyboard switch series. KGL and KGF are reed types, of which only KGL was included (as a “Lead switch type”) in a later 1982 advertisement only partially accessible on Google Books, so possibly KGF went end of life around that time.

KCC is described as a “mechanical contact (diaphragm)” type, as is KCF, so KCF might be the switch currently described as SCK. That would leave us without an explanation for KCA, which does not get a mention in these advertisements.

Naturally, there is no other trace of KGF, KGL and KCF, and only KCC is illustrated in the advertisement.

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