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KBK update for Tuesday, 28th January

In 2016, OleVoip at Deskthority posted a photograph of a lone RAFI RS 76 C switch. The Hall IC is marked only with an orange stripe (which he claimed “marks the border between the rest position and the activated position”) and the plunger is uncharacteristically natural plastic colour.

The catalogue pages for Siemens Hall ICs indicate that SAS 251 S5 is marked solely with “orange”, suggesting that this switch has a Siemens IC, and thus that the reason for the different plunger colour is that it offers dual open collector outputs instead of single open collector with enable input. There are certainly sufficient RS 76 C part numbers unaccounted for (obsolete before 2001 and removed from the catalogue) to allow for this, and we know that RC 72 offered a variety of Hall sensors.

From discussion of HFO and Siemens Hall ICs over at the Robotrontechnik-Forum, it seems certain that this is a Siemens IC, based on the plastic texture, terminal plating (silver plated instead of tinned) and housing shape (the latter remaining unexplained). However, it is always good to be as certain as possible. Wolfram Zucker in Germany has a collection of Siemens Hall ICs for sale and he has most kindly added photos of them to his analog ICs page. Most are marked in full or entirely blank (the latter indicating defective examples), but some SAS 261 chips are indeed marked with nothing but a blue stripe, and blue is the colour associated with that model.

Siemens practices remain a mystery (so far, they have declined to respond to questions) but at least it now appears certain that OleVoip’s single loose RS 76 C switch has a SAS 251 S5 Hall sensor from Siemens.

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