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KBK update for Wednesday, 15th January

At any one time, I have a considerable amount of both businesses and individuals from which I am still waiting for a response to a question or enquiry, going back days, weeks, months, or in some cases, years. Every so often, I remember or encounter some of them and give them another nudge.

The other day, I nudged RAFI again, in the hope that they might recognise the high-profile Hall effect switches found in Jacob Alexander’s Express-2 keyboard from the mid-80s. This time, I did get a reply: they are RC 72 C and RC 72 L. RC 72 is a series of high-profile Hall effect and mechanical switches. These series numbers seem to correspond with the year of introduction: RS 74 ca. 1975, and RS 76 in 1976. Tentatively these seem to be from 1973, making them slightly older than the reduced-size switches for which RAFI is better known. RC 72 is reported by RAFI to have been discontinued in 1993. Curiously, the part numbers slot in directly behind those of RS 74, which come directly before those of RS 76.

Some basic details are up; more details will come as time permits, including a complete list of part numbers. RAFI provided a single catalogue page; if they can provide further pages from it (including the extra details on RC 72), I will post those collectively, otherwise I will upload the single page available, which is just a parts list with no specifications.

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