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Switch collection Futaba ML-3-CM

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Manufacturer Futaba
Series ML series (2.5 mm)
Part number ML-3-CM
Behaviour Linear
Signalling type Metal contact
Switch mount Plate
Keycap mount Cruciform post
In production No
Work done No
Deskthority wiki Futaba low-profile linear


Acquired 85
Given away 40
Sold 19
Remaining 26


At the moment, “ML-3-CM” is being used to cover standard ML switches. The shell can be all black, or clear and black. The significance of the colour is not known, and they seem to be the same specification.

Part number ML-3-CM is associated with the all-black shell found in the Memotech MTX 512 (whose service manual lists this as the switch part number).


Source Consignment Quantity Line Notes
CJE Micro's Consignment the 91st 1 (NOS) BBC Micro Keyboard Key Switch Type E …
RetroClinic Consignment the 97th 3 (used)
Taobao Focus Consignment the 126th 20 (NOS) 全新非自锁开关 工业机械设备操作键盘开关 Buying 20 as a test; if these are ML-3-CM as expected, a second order will be placed
Taobao Focus Consignment the 130th 1 (NOS) 全新非自锁开关 工业机械设备操作键盘开关 Ordered for a customer.
System J Synthesizers Consignment the 165th 3 (NOS) Two seem to be standard ML-3-CM. One has a more translucent slider and is heavier, which could simply be a difference in tolerance with a different batch.
Stockwood Park radio rally Consignment the 174th 57 (NOS) A fiver for an unmarked bag of Futaba switches.


Destination Date Quantity Disposition
Dave Stevenson (UK) 2017-09-20 19 Sale
Dave Stevenson (UK) 2019-05-20 40 Gift