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Switch collection RAFI RS 74 M SPDT latching

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Manufacturer RAFI GmbH & Co. KG
Series RS 74 M
Part number 3.12.960.905
Behaviour Latching
Signalling type Metal contact
Switch mount PCB
Keycap mount Square post
Constituent parts 10
In production No
Work done No
My page RAFI/RS_74_M_SPDT_latching
Deskthority wiki RAFI RS 74 M SPDT latching
Last audited 2019-05-12


Acquired 10
Given away 0
Sold 1
Remaining 9
Of which broken 1


This is not in the 2001 RAFI catalogue. The part number is according to the supplier, whose information is provably incorrect, as they list these as RS 76 M!


Source Consignment Quantity Line Notes
BG-ELECTRONICS GmbH Consignment the 79th 10 (new) KHT-G-RS76 These are being sold as RS 76 M, but they’re clearly RS 74 M.


Destination Date Quantity Disposition
Deepak Kandepet (US) 2019-09-30 1 Sale