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Switch collection Datanetics DC-60 lowest-profile linear

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Manufacturer Datanetics Corporation
Series DC-60
Behaviour Linear
Signalling type Metal contact
Switch mount Plate
Keycap mount Square post
In production No
Work done No
Deskthority wiki Datanetics DC-60 series
Last audited 2019-05-05


Acquired 1
Given away 0
Sold 0
Remaining 1


This switch officially does not exist, as DC-60 series is tactile. This switch from Meryl's personal collection is inexplicably linear, and since I only received the one, and it's impossible to open without serious damage, I will never be able to account for the complete lack the of high tactility found in his standard profile switch.


Source Consignment Quantity Line Notes
Meryl Miller Consignment the 77th 1 (NOS)