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Switch collection Schadow 340-5000-001

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Manufacturer Schadow
Series (all)
Part number 340-5000-001
Behaviour Changeover
Signalling type Metal contact
Switch mount PCB
Keycap mount Proprietary
In production
Work done No
Disqualified Not a keyboard switch


Acquired 5
Given away 0
Sold 0
Remaining 5
Of which broken 1


This is some kind of panel switch with a non-removable hinged keycap (I bought a few on a whim).

There are four terminals. The pair closest to the centre is permanently connected. Three of the terminals form a changeover arrangement.

The keycap stem presses down on the centre of a helical spring, which buckles and causes a bar to snap between touching a contact at the top, and a contact at the bottom. This snap action emits a click. The keycap itself attaches to a horizontal bar which itself holds one end of the helical spring where it exits the case.

The various pieces that form the shell are glued so effectively as to form a single plastic block that cannot be disassembled at all.

Additional images

View full size image These switches do not come apart
View full size image Bent terminals from failed attempt to open the switch


Source Consignment Quantity Line Notes
Electronic Surplus Consignment the 47th 5 (NOS) SCHADOW - 340-5000-001 - Switch, push…