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Switch collection The final production APC types!


Source Taiwan Tai-Hao Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Type Gift
Ordered on 2018-10-19
Received on 2018-10-29
Switches 40
Total £0.00


Switch Image Requested Received Condition Price Line Notes
Alps SKCM White (bamboo) Pending 10 10 NOS These have no bottom branding on them. The sliders are also seemingly pigmented white, just as with white damped.
Tai-Hao APC BSW 055WH Pending 10 10 New It seems these will be the original dark teal colour! … Nope. They are the new sky blue colour :(
Tai-Hao APC BSW 065WH Pending 10 10 NOS Finally!
Tai-Hao APC BSW 280WH 5 5 NOS Colourless variant
Tai-Hao APC BSW 280WH 5 5 NOS Sky blue variant