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Switch collection Rare items from cherry-jade


Source Taobao Focus
Type Purchase
Ordered on 2017-11-30
Received on 2017-12-28
Switches 60
Total £73.88


Switch Image Requested Received Condition Price Line Notes
Alps SKBM White Pending 0 12 Used 元15.00 Requested product: Tai-Hao APC BSW 065WH

Picture showed four-tab clones, but instead, received genuine Alps parts
Alps SKFL Lock Pending 1 1 Used 元29.00 The left side is rusty, so it’s not good for photos :(
Cherry M8 Covered DPST Clear Pending 4 4 Used 元32.00
Cherry M8 Covered Two-Stage Black Pending 4 4 Used 元32.00
Cherry MX Back Logo Blue Pending 2 2 Used 元78.00
Cherry MX Click Clear (unknown type) Pending 8 8 Used 元48.00 These have no notch in the keystem, unlike the previous example received.
Cherry MX Linear Clear Pending 3 3 Used 元120.00
Hirose Cherry M8 tactile clear Pending 5 7 Used 元40.00
Hirose Cherry M8 tactile yellow Pending 0 1 Used Part of the order for the M8 switches; expected quantity and types were not known
NEC Standard Alternate Action Pending 1 1 Used 元19.00
Tai-Hao APC BSW 065WH Pending 15 0 Used 元15.00 Can’t tell what these are from the photo; mystery until goods arrive!
Taiwan jet axis yellow linear Pending 0 1 Used Bonus switch
USw LABY01 Pending 15 16 Used 元15.00