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Switch collection Consignment the 136th


Source Arcade World UK
Type Purchase
Ordered on 2017-10-18
Received on 2017-10-23
Switches 2
Total £9.66
Notes Tip-off from rymut that these have new/NOS Futaba switches in them


Switch Image Requested Received Condition Price Line Notes
Futaba MA41 Grey (inverse cross mount) Pending 0 1 NOS Requested product: Futaba MA41 White (Cherry MX mount)

This seems to be the only grey one they ever had, and I broke it trying to get it out of the button.
Futaba MA41 White (Cherry MX mount) 2 1 NOS £6.96 Crown SDB-201 30mm Screw In Arcade Bu… Assuming these are NOS as it's highly unlikely that these are still made, especially with Futaba branding on them.