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Rubber dome OEMs

The information below may help to identify the OEMs of rubber dome over membrane keyboards. The illustrations show the shape of the keycap or slider shaft as seen from below. There is a lot more variation in these designs than I had realised, and just as with many other details about a keyboard, they offer important clues.

Please note that the diagrams are approximations, and that minor variations will exist.

Shaft base(s) OEM Keyboard Other examples Other hints
NMB 1-unit NMB 2-unit NMB Dell RT7D50 (4BO: 2004-11-24)
  • Logitech Y-RJ20 (RT7R04) — in this example, there is a break in the circle in wide keys
NMB OEM keyboards often bear a model number beginning with “RT” (“Right Touch”).
Silitek 1-unit Silitek/Lite-On Dell SK-8115 (black; 7B7: 2007-11-02) Silitek OEM keyboards often bear a model number beginning with “SK”, which may only appear on internal parts. Note also the notch at the top of the keycap mount, which is keyed to a ridge inside the guide shaft; if not exclusive to Silitek, this is certainly a strong indicator of Silitek.
Dell L100 1-unit, vertical bar Dell L100 1-unit, crossed bars Darfon Dell L100 (black; 6BB: 2006-02-02)

This is too much of a pain to draw (especially at 96 DPI), so no more diagrams are likely.