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Omron B3K series


B3KL is a series of ultra low-profile mechanical switches from Omron. The name is a derivation from B3K series, indicating that B3KL embodies the same principles of B3K but in a much smaller form. B3KL follows on from Kailh PG1350 “Choc” switches (itself inspired by Cherry ML) and all the derivatives of those, and Cherry MX Low Profile. Unlike B3K series, which has no click types, B3KL series is designed from the outside for click feedback, to avoid the problem with B3K where adding this behaviour afterwards proved excessively difficult.

The switch uses stabilising links reminiscent of Apple’s butterfly mechanism, but where that has living hinges in the centre, this has separate links that pivot in the centre. The photos of the switch contacts provided by Hardware Canucks are not very clear, but they do imply that B3KL only has one pair of switch contacts unlike the two pairs found in B3K. (Note that the photos of the components in their tour video are in colour, but the corresponding photos on their website are inexplicably in black and white.)


Type Click
Pretravel 1.6 mm
Travel 2.5 mm
Operating force 55 g

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