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Micro Switch CT Series

CT Series was Micro Switch’s line of low-profile keycaps. The keycap mount, Honeywell mount, is covered by US patent 4421432 filed on the 4th of September 1981 and granted on the 20th of December 1983.

SD Series switches gained support for Honeywell mount keycaps with the SD16 and SD18 sub-series, whose chart dates to December 1985. The charts for 3CT Series however date to 1994.

CT series offered both double and triple-shot injection moulding.

Part listing

So far, only a few charts have been retrieved by Honeywell. These charts cover the following types:

Cat. listing Type Row Angle Legended 3CT Series chart
3CT103 1 unit 3 Legended 1
3CT103B Blank
3CT103D 1 unit, green LED window 3 Legended 13
3CT103DB Blank
3CT103G 1 unit, red LED window 3 Legended
3CT103GB Blank
3CT103P 1 unit, pimpled 3 Legended 23
3CT103PB Blank
3CT103T 1 unit tri-shot 3 Legended 38
3CT103TDD 1 unit deep dish tri-shot 3 Legended 45
3CT103DD 1 unit deep dish 3 Legended 46
3CT103DDB Blank
3CT103RB 1 unit relegendable 3 47
3CT103PT 1 unit pimpled tri-shot 3 Legended 88
3CT103EXB 1 unit relegendable 3 111
3CT103HK 1 unit with homing bar 3 Legended 112
3CT103HKB Blank