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Keyboard–switch database NTC KB-6151


Manufacturer NTC
Family KB-6151
Notes In theory, the last letter of the model number indicates the switch type: A (Alps), N (Nan-Tan) or M (Mitsumi) where "Nan-Tan" switches appear to be standard Alps clones sourced from Himake

Created by Daniel on 2015-10-25


Model Year(s) Switches Serial PCB codes Reference Notes
NTC KB-6153EA None Alps SKCM White (pine; SP:?, L:Y) 11027254 deskthority.net
NTC KB-6151N None Alps SKCM Blue (unknown) deskthority.net The IC reads only "NTC-6151" and no photo exists of the rear label (so the FCC ID, serial number and model number cannot be confirmed).
NTC KB-6153EN 1992 (IC) alps.tw Type OA2 click 10541223 deskthority.net