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Keyboard–switch database IBM

Keyboards (as brand)

Model Year(s) Switches Serial PCB codes Reference Notes
5550 keyboard 1983 (IC) Alps SKCL Green (no LED; SP:LB, L:N) 9924922 12KC218A kbd.rzw.jp
5550 keyboard 1986 (IC) Alps SKCL Green (no LED; SP:LG, L:N) 99C9659 kbd.rzw.jp
KB-6326 1996 (IC)
1996 (label)
Chicony rubber dome square shaft K000713 001-05323-B02 utensilia.tk
KB-7953 1998 (PCB)
1998 (IC)
1998 (label)
Chicony rubber dome round shaft K000244 utensilia.tk Chicony’s name only appears on the IC, but Chicony are known to have been a supplier for IBM.