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Alps GlidePoint Keypad for Macintosh

Device Alps GlidePoint® Keypad for Macintosh® (Model FGS018-00)
OEM Datacomp
Year 1996 (IC)
Serial number 00A5000882G

These are photos that I received from ricercar at Geekhack in 2014; I was hoping to obtain either better photographs, or the keypad itself, and neither option ever materialised. This keypad is significant in that it is the only known example of Alps SKFRAD. It is also interesting in being an Alps-branded product manufactured by Datacomp; if anyone, I would have expected this to have come from Forward Electronics!

View full-size image Front
View full-size image Bottom
View full-size image Alps SKFSAA tactile switches
View full-size image Switches and keycaps: note that the switches are clear not Alps common mount
View full-size image Cover removed
View full-size image PCB top; the lone SKFRAD compact linear switch is visible at the far left, with a green LED behind it
View full-size image PCB bottom
View full-size image GlidePoint PCB on the back of the GlidePoint unit