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Maxi-Switch 2160029

This is a Maxi-Switch 2160029 keyboard purchased by David Given, purchased surplus in Switzerland. The switches are either Maxi-Switch “vintage linear”. The alternate action switch is identical in design to that of SMK JM-0400 series (including the lubricant used on latching mechanism), making it certain that the two series are directly related.

The part number is 2160029, the PCB code is 630010-11, and the serial number is 016703. The date of manufacture is 1984-10-05, and the controller IC seems to be from the middle of 1983 (the complete date code cannot be read). The controller appears to be an NEC-made Intel 8048.

Tentatively this is a Maxi-Switch MAX-II keyboard designed specifically for personal computers, which appears to be in Maxi-Switch 6000 series, assuming this keyboard is the same one as the Standard-Tastatur MAX-II product leaflet collected from the shop at the same time. (The original MAX keyboard is in 6000 series, and there is a later 6000 series keyboard almost identical to this.)

The leaflet uses “MAX-11” in the manufacturer’s native English, but “MAX-II” where the heading seems to have been replaced by German text. The keyboard is advertised in German as “MAX-II” (replacing the older “MAX-I”) so for the moment, the “MAX-11” is being treated as incompetence.

Complete keyboard assembly
Maxi-Switch “vintage linear” switches
Alternate action switch locking mechanism with characteristic lubricant
PCB and label

These photographs were taken by David Given and have been placed into the public domain (CC0).